How Many Glasses of Wine in a Bottle?

5 glasses of wine are in a standard bottle of wine, which has 750ml or 25 fluid ounces per bottle. For Magnum bottles, there are 10 glasses of wine, 1.5L or 50 fluid ounces.

Do you ever find yourself wondering how much wine is in a bottle? Never fear; if you're a wine drinker (or mead drinker!) and are curious about how many glasses of wine can be poured from an ordinary bottle -- we've got the answer for you!

From standard 750 ml bottles to larger magnums and splits, we'll share just how much vino is hiding inside a particular container. We've done the math for you so pour a glass (or two), sit back, and take it all in: we're about to discuss how many glasses of wine can come from one bottle. Cheers!

What Are the Different Sizes of Wine Bottles?

Wine bottles come in different sizes that fit specific occasions and needs. The standard size is the 750ml, which is equivalent to five glasses of wine.

If you're celebrating a special occasion or want to give a gift, the magnum bottle might be perfect for you. It can hold up to 1.5 liters or two bottles of wine.

For intimate dinners or dates, the half-bottle, also known as the Demi, can serve two to three glasses of wine.

If you're looking for a portable option, the single-serve or mini bottles can hold about 187ml or one glass of wine. You can easily transport them to picnics, music festivals, or wherever your adventures take you. Knowing wine bottle sizes can help you choose the right one for the occasion and prevent wastage.

Wine Bottle Sizes:

  • Split - 187ml or 6.2 fluid ounces of wine
  • Demi - 375ml or 13 fluid ounces of wine, also known as a half bottle
  • Standard - 750ml or 25 fluid ounces of wine
  • Magnum - 1.5L or 50 fluid ounces of wine
  • Jeroboam - holds 4 bottles of wine
  • Rehoboam - holds 6 bottles of wine
  • Imperial - holds 8 bottles of wine
  • Salmanazar - holds 12 bottles of wine
  • Balthazar - holds 16 bottles of wine
  • Nebuchadnezzar - holds 20 bottles of wine
  • Solomon - holds 24 bottles of wine

At Batch Mead we use three bottle sizes, 375ml (the demi wine bottle), 500ml (2/3 the size of a standard bottle) and 750ml standard bottle. We choose bottle size based on sweetness of the mead, how we want the product to look and if it's still or sparkling mead.

How Many Ounces in a Glass of Wine?

  • Standard wine pour in the US is 5 ounces per glass
  • Dessert wine pour is typically 2 ounces per glass

Did you know that the number of ounces in a glass of wine can vary? Check out some of the wine pour sizes by country:

  • Australia's standard wine pour is 3.4oz
  • Austria's standard wine pour is 7oz
  • Canada's standard wine pour is 5oz
  • France's standard wine pour is 4-5oz
  • Italy's standard wine pour is 5oz
  • Spain's standard wine pour is 5oz

While a standard serving size of wine in the United States is typically considered to be five ounces, it's not uncommon to find glasses that range from four to eight ounces.

This can make it tricky when trying to keep track of just how much you're drinking, especially if you're trying to watch your alcohol intake. Cheers!

How Many Ounces in a Glass of Mead?

We typically pour 6 ounce glass pours of mead in our tasting room as our products vary from 6-11% alcohol, for higher ABV meads (11-13% alc) we pour 5 ounces of mead per glass.

Mead is alcohol made from honey (no grapes or grains). We’ve discussed the mead-making process before, but mead is gluten free and can be traditional or fermented with fruit or spices. Learn more about all the types of mead.

Order our award winning meads (we have several sweet honey wines!)

Would you like to learn more about mead? Check out our articles on the History of Mead, Vikings & Mead, Honey Cocktails, Meadmaking and Types of Mead!

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