Move Over Natural Wines - There's Another Wine That's Cleaner (And Grape-Free)

We’re rounding out the summer, but that doesn’t mean beer and wine enthusiasts don’t still have time to enjoy their favorite summertime beverages under the sun.

Earlier this month, we explored sweet wine’s place as a warm weather commodity. Another reason for this might be the recent trend toward natural wine. We’re living in a time where the conscientious consumer is flourishing.

And guess what? We have something even healthier than natural wine…

It’s mead, alcohol made from fermenting honey.

The Natural Wine Craze

The idea behind natural wine is simple. As the name suggests, winemakers produce a natural wine devoid of pesticides, chemicals, and any other less-than-friendly additives.

Just like mead’s outlived pretty much every alcoholic drink ever made, natural wine isn’t anything new. However, also just like mead, natural wine has reentered the spotlight.

It makes sense. More people care about what’s put into their food and drinks, as well as how  these same items are produced.  

In respect to the winemaking process, this means using grapes that haven’t been hit with pesticides or herbicides and then using native yeast to kick off fermentation. The only additives occasionally used are sulfites, which act as a preservative.

How Mead Proves Even Cleaner Than Natural Wine

Mead isn’t made with grapes (surprise, surprise). They might be added to certain batches for flavor, but the basis of mead is water, honey, and yeast. Honey comes from a natural source, water can be purified, and yeast is yeast (side note: natural yeast is literally everywhere.)

Combining these ingredients produces a beverage similar in caloric content to wine, but using only natural sugars and roughly 20% of the sulfites that are found in a commercial wine.

And There’s More

At Batch Mead, we believe in supporting the community that so eagerly supports us. Our small craft batches are the products of testing, testing, and more testing.

We like to experiment and pair different styles of locally-sourced honey with fresh mixes of fruits, spices, and herbs.

Experimentation is the only way you end up with a diverse menu that welcomes mead drinkers of all kinds. Whether it’s our sweet and creamy Strawberry Shortcake Mead, blackberry-heavy Midnight Mead, or something else we offer, our goal remains the same:

Share great mead with great people.

Order a bottle of mead!

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