Where to Buy Mead Online

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Award winning alcohol made from honey, water & fruit (Local Honey & REAL Fruit)

What is Mead? It's alcohol made from fermenting honey, water & yeast!

No additives, no cane sugar or sweetners, no artificial flavorings, everything hand crafted by our expert, award-winning mead maker. #drinkclean

Once Upon a Mead - Fairytale Mead Set

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Viking Mead Series - 4 Bottle Set

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Siren's Song Mead - Sweet - 11% Alc

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Mermaid's Wish Mead - Sweet - 11% Alc

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Lure of the Nymphs Mead - Sweet - 11% Alc

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Pomegranate Barrel Aged Mead

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Viking Mead

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Valkyrie's Tears Mead

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Where can you buy mead?

You can buy mead online from small batch meaderies like Batch Mead. You can have mead shipped directly to your house from retailers like Total Wines & BevMo. However their varieties might be limited. It's always best to order straight from the mead makers!

Best Meadery! Award Winning Meadery

Welcome to Batch Mead! We're celebrating 3 years this month of our small business being open! We craft everything here in Temecula, CA. We've crafted over 100 different flavors of mead with only the highest grade, local honey and REAL fruit. We never use anything artificial (no colorings, additives or extracts). Experience mead and have a sip of our passion!

About Batch Mead


We started Batch Mead in 2019 to leave our Silicon Valley tech careers and pursue our real passion, MEAD!

We love locally sourced honey, apples and other ingredients. We focus on small batches to keep taps rotating and deliver delicious meads and hard ciders.

We believe mead is an experience, and our tasting room reflects all the notes of that ideal experience.

We recently won Best in Show from the San Diego International Beer Festival (2020, 2021 & 2022)! As well as several other wine, beer & mead awards!

What is Mead?

No grapes, no grains, no flavorings or colorings. Mead is one of the oldest alcohols known to man. It’s made from 60% or more fermented honey (At Batch Mead our meads are made from ONLY fermented honey and we add fruit, spices or other local ingredients).

Mead = Water + Honey + Yeast (& time!)

Try our Award Winning Meadery!

We won the San Diego International Beer Festival Award for Best in Show in 2020! (Page 4)

Batch Mead Customer Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- “BEST Thing I EVER Tasted!” - Mia B. Mountain View, CA

Award Winning Batch Mead has been voted "Best Mead" by The San Diego International Beer Competition in 2020, 2021 and 2022!

Gold Medals from the 2021 and 2022 Mead Crafters Competition

90pts wine rating from Sante Wine & Spirits Competition 2021