Best Mead: Top Must Try Mead List for 2024

What are the BEST Meads?

  1. Best Super Sweet Mead: Figment, Mead made with Figs and barrel aged for two years, 94pts from Beverage Tasting Institute.
  2. Best Sweet Sparkling Mead: Viking Mjod, 11% Alc, aged on oak for over 6 months. Made with local meadowfoam blossom honey.
  3. Best Sweet Mead: Butter Bee Mead, 10% Alc, perfectly sweet, frothy and creamy made from caramelized honey, vanilla beans, lactose sugar and hint of butter extract.
  4. Best Semi-Sweet Mead: Strawberry Rye 11% Alc, resh strawberries, vanilla beans and aged in rye whiskey barrels for over a year with Chardonnay-esque notes
  5. Best Off-Dry Mead: Oliver Camelot Mead, 10% alc, lightly sweet and balanced, refreshing mead.
  6. Best Canned Mead: Tempest, 6% Alc, made with pomegranates, passionfruit & tangerines, won several gold medals and overall best mead.
  7. Best Dry Mead: Oregon Radish Blossom, 12.5% Alc, floral aromas with dry tropical tart notes.
  8. Β Best Spicy Mead: From the Ashes, Raspberry Chipotle Mead, 8.5% Alc - Won Best in Show from San Diego International Beer Competition 2020-2022
  9. Highest Rated Mead: Figment, Mead made with Figs and barrel aged for two years, 94pts from Beverage Tasting Institute.

What qualities make a mead the BEST?

When judging mead we're looking for several factors including balance, aroma of honey, cleanliness of taste. We don't want any "off flavors" or "yeasty" notes. We don't want an overbalance of acid or sweetness that it overpowers the drink.

We're looking for tannins and clarity (haziness is ok as long as it doesn't distract from the overall experience of the mead!).

Is Mead the Strongest Alcohol?

Mead ranges between 3.5 to 23% ABV (alcohol by volume).

  • Traditional mead (Show mead): Honey, water, and yeast; 7.5 to 14% ABV
  • Sack mead (Great mead): Higher ABV; 14 to 18%
  • Hydromel (Session mead): More water than traditional mead; < 7.5% ABV


What is Mead?

Mead is fermented honey. There are 3 simple ingredients to make mead that can be bought practically anywhere.

Mead = Honey + Water + Yeast

Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. The history of mead making is as old as beekeeping itself which is more than 10,000 years ago. As meadmaker's like to say "Mead is easy to make, but difficult to make well"

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