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Thor's Courage & Loki's Vice - 4 Pack (2x2)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sweet - 6% Alc
  • $28
Thor's Courage (2 cans) - Sparkling, traditional mead made with local honey. This sweet nectar offers a refreshing and classic taste experience.
Loki's Vice (2 cans) - A luscious, sparkling blend of elderberry and mulberry creates a symphony of rich, dark fruit flavors. The natural sweetness of local honey melds seamlessly, balancing the tartness with a smooth finish.



CAN SIZE: 4 pack of 12oz cans - 48oz of MEAD


Thor, renowned for his immense strength and heroic deeds, is the son of Odin and protector of both gods and humans against chaotic forces. Wielding his mighty hammer, Thor's tales of bravery and valor are woven into the very fabric of Viking culture.

Loki, the master of mischief and transformation, is both friend and foe to the gods, known for his clever schemes and shape-shifting abilities. As the son of giants and blood brother of Odin, Loki's tales are filled with intrigue, wit, and unexpected twists.

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