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Mermaid's Wish Mead - Sweet - 11% Alc

Made with Pink & White Guava, Coconut, and Butterfly Pea Blossoms
  • $28

Sweet mead made with pink and white guava, coconut, butterfly pea blossoms, and citrus fruit.

TASTING NOTES: Sweetness guava, with both the pink and white varieties contributing their unique characteristics. The creamy richness of coconut adds depth and a touch of nuttiness, while the butterfly pea blossoms provide a gentle floral undertone that beautifully balances the sweetness.

AROMAS: Tropical coconut and delicate florals

ALCOHOL: 11% by Vol

BOTTLE: 375 ml

When butterfly pea blossoms react with citrus they turn purple. 

Part of our Mermaid Mead Series

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