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Song of the Sea - Mermaid Mead Set with Box

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sweet - 11% Alc - 4 Bottles
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Dive into a world of tropical flavor with our NEW Mermaid Mead Series. Beautifully balanced meads made with Hawaiian mango blossom honey. 

1) Siren's Song Mead: Sweet mead made with curacao and butterfly pea flowers calling to you like a Siren's Song, 11% alc, 375ml

2) Curse of Calypso Mead: Sweet mead made with pineapples and peaches, 11% alc, 375ml

3) Mermaid's Wish Mead: Sweet mead made with pink and white guava, coconut, butterfly pea blossoms, and citrus fruit, 11% alc, 375ml

4) Lure of the Nymphs Mead: Sweet mead made with lychees, 11% alc, 375ml

Comes with beautiful custom gift box!

A note from the owner: We are SO excited about the release of our beautiful mermaid mead series. As the designer of ALL of our artwork and labels, these labels were created by me, by designing a base image of a mermaid from scratch (about 10 hours per label) and leveraging AI to get the perfect textures and hair flow, this took me an additional 7 hours per label with inputs and prompts to generate the exact perfect look. Playing with AI and modifications on original artwork has been enticing, exciting and fun - we hope you enjoy! -Danielle

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