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Gaze of Cyclops Mead

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Passionfruit & Nectarines - 10% Alc - Sweet
  • $25

Sweet mead made with passionfruit and nectarines, made with local wildflower honey. - 10%, 500ml bottle

TASTING NOTES: Tropical notes of passionfruit with sweet nectarines, sweet tropical acidity. Sweet wildflower honey layers with the fruit.



ALCOHOL: 10% Alc

A Cyclops was a mythological creature from Greek Mythology. The Cyclopes were giants with one huge round eye in the middle of their faces. The word 'cyclops' means 'round eye'.

Part of our new Mythical Creatures series! must be 21+ to order.

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