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Alcohol made from Honey.

No Junk Added.

✔️Nothing artificial. ever

✔️No colorings or extracts.

✔️All the health benefits of honey.

✔️Always gluten-free.

Did the Vikings Drink Mead? Yes they did! They didn't discover mead, but they did trade with merchants in Asia where they learned how to make mead. They typically drank meads that were between 4-8% alcohol and some historians believe they saved mead for special occassions. Learn more about Vikings and Mead.

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We love hearing from our customers, it's been incredibly humbling to hear people say things like "Best MEAD ever!!!"

What is Mead? 🍯
Honey + Water + Yeast = Mead

  • Only pure, high grade honey, usually single varietal 🍯
  • No grapes or grains 🍯
  • Gluten free 🍯
  • We NEVER use additives, extracts or artifiical flavors 🍯
  • We USE real fruit 🍯
  • Everything we make is produced and bottled in house, we don't outsource any part of our process 🍯


Hi! We're Derek & Danielle Busch and we've been crafting small batch meads, commercially since 2019 in Temecula, CA. We are incredibly passionate about mead and sharing our love with our customers. Our business is small, it's just us and two employees! We bottle and label everything by hand.

Batch mead is an award-winning meadery in Temecula, CA. Mead is gluten free with no grapes or grains! All the health benefits of our pure local honey is included in every drop!