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Batch Mead is an award-winning meadery in Temecula, CA. Mead is alcohol made from honey, it was the first alcohol ever created! Vikings had a love of the drink. it's gluten free with no grapes or grains! All the health benefits of our pure local honey is included in every drop! Order Now, delivery by UPS/Fedex

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3 Bottles of our barrel aged, sweet mead, 375ml btls, comes with custom made barrel box made from custom corrugated cardboard.

  1. Sweet Whiskey - mead aged on whiskey oak for 9 months and made with wildflower honey. 13% Alc
  2. Sweet Bourbon - mead aged on bourbon oak for 13 months and made with wildflower honey. 13% Alc
  3. Sweet Cinnamon Whiskey - mead aged on cinnamon whiskey oak for 9 months and made with wildflower honey. 13% Alc

Drink like a Viking, Skal! Must be 21+ to order

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Award Winning Meads

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- “BEST Thing I EVER Tasted!” - Mia B.

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What is Mead?

Mead = Water + Honey + Yeast (& time!)

No grapes, no grains, no flavorings or colorings. Mead is one of the oldest alcohols known to man. It’s made from 60% or more fermented honey (At Batch Mead our meads are made from ONLY fermented honey and we add fruit, spices or other local ingredients).

Small Batch MEADs

Try our Award Winning Meadery!

We won the San Diego International Beer Festival Award for Best in Show in 2020! (Page 4)

About Batch Mead

Small, family owned business in Temecula, CA (support local!). Derek & Danielle Busch opened their meadery back in Nov of 2019. Derek makes all the meads and hard ciders from local honey, apples and fruit. With over 9 years of experience in mead making, Derek has perfected our meads.

Batch Mead is made up of only 4 people! We're dedicated to providing high quality alcoholic beverages made with only the best ingredients. Every mead we make is thoroughly tasted and monitored for the perfect taste!