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Award-Winning Batch Mead in Temecula, CA

We produce mead, alcohol made from honey (anti-oxidants, allergens and probiotics!) and hard cider. Family owned & operated.

Hours: We are open 3-9p Fri, Sat & 12-5p Sun

Location:42225 Remington Ave # A25 Temecula, CA 92590

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Current Menu: We have over 12+ offerings available for tastings (flights of 4 for $18). We have ciders and meads. Our meads and ciders range from sweet to dry. Bottles to go available. (See some options below)

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Awards: 2021 Awards

Health Benefits of Mead!:

Mead has Probiotics, Gluten Free, Minerals, Antioxidants

Mead contains Antioxidents, retained from honey

Mead can curb antibiotic resistance

About Batch Mead

Small, family owned business in Temecula, CA (support local!). Derek & Danielle Busch opened their meadery back in Nov of 2019. Derek makes all the meads and hard ciders from local honey, apples and fruit. With over 9 years of experience in mead making, Derek has perfected our meads.

Batch Mead At-A-Glance:

  • We opened in Temecula, CA in Nov 2019.

  • We moved to Temecula, specifically to open a meadery here - we love the community, the local business support AND Southern California Wine Country - we’ve found tourists here love to try new things!

  • We focus on educating consumers about the joys of mead as an alcoholic beverage by crafting small batch meads from local ingredients

  • We are PASSIONATE about MEAD! Despite mead being one of the oldest beverages there’s little documented processes about mead - everything you taste is based on experimentation and process optimization we’ve done ourselves!

  • Family owned & operated, it’s just Derek, Danielle & Danielle’s brother Bryan THE magician (but really he’s a legit magician)

  • We built our tasting room ourselves, from the floors to the bar to the fancy green wall - we built it

  • Derek used to be a tax accountant for Amazon, but he left once Batch Mead was up and running!

  • Danielle has spent over 13 years in SEO/Digital Marketing for Tech companies

  • Danielle & Derek grew up in Illinois and met at Wild West Town in Union, IL - Danielle was Derek’s boss (she spun guns & he threw tomahawks!)

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What is Mead? (Also known as Honey Wine)

No grapes, no grains, no flavorings or colorings. Mead is one of the oldest alcohols known to man. It’s made from 60% or more fermented honey (At Batch Mead our meads are made from ONLY fermented honey and we add fruit, spices or other local ingredients after fermentation is complete).

Mead = Water + Honey + Yeast (& time!)

Our process at Batch Mead is unique, we maintain the integrity of the honey by making sure we don’t heat past a certain temperature point.

Try our Award Winning Meadery!

We won the San Diego International Beer Festival Award for Best in Show in 2020! (Page 4)