Top 10 Marketing Tips from Batch Mead

Sell Yourself & Your Story


  • In Person, In Market & Online

  • Include the same messaging “Local ingredients, gluten free, made from honey”

  • Your story and you makes you unique amongst competitors, customers want to feel like they support someone

2. Consistency is KEY

  • In Person, In Market & Online - use the same message!

    • Use the same language in the way you talk to customers as you do online

  • Guide your messaging to the newbie, the snacker and the fanatic

  • Stay on brand when doing events, collabs and talking with customers

  • Reinforce your story

  • Don’t go off-brand/trust your instincts

  • Watch Others

3. How to Determine Who Your Customer Is

  • Who is buying your products? Any trends you notice from in person sales?

    • Think about their city, age, gender, interests

  • Who do you want to buy your products?

  • Follow your customer

    1. Make products they buy and offer products where they are

      1. Don’t be afraid to fail

  • Example: During the pandemic we had to pivot multiple times based on the market, when we’d see more online sales, we’d focus advertising to the cities

4. How to Build a Website


  • What platform to use

    • Ideal & Easiest is Squarespace (they have email built in!)

    • Wordpress is a close second, requires more personalization and more time, but has more flexibility

  • Navigation

  • Above the fold - engagement action - 99% of visitors never go below the fold

  • Abandon Cart Emails

  • Discounting/Specials

  • Creating a Blog

5. Email best practices


  • Email platforms - Squarespace or Square (Mailchimp is good if you don’t have online sales)

  • How to Build an Email List

    • Promote to your Social media

    • Ask every customer to give your their email in POS system

    • Collect business cards

  • One hit wonder - Every email should have only ONE target and it should be at the top of your email

  • Always send the test email, test links and look at images

  • Create urgency - “Few Tickets Left, This week Only, Running Out of Stock, Ends X/21”

  • Use emojis - these pop in users inboxes!

  • Stack most important info first

6. Tracking - The Holy Grail



  • Use Google Analytics

  • Visitors - anyone who comes to the website

  • Conversions/Conversion Rate - total people who buy or sign up divided by people who hit the page

  • Bounce Rate - People who hit the site and leave immediately

  • Use your POS, send emails to repeat customers, send emails to customers who have only visited once

7. SEO - Search Engine Optimization (Huh?)


  • What is SEO

  • How it works - Google looks at your copy,

  • How you can master - consistency

    • Page titles, meta descriptions, keyword on page (use everywhere! but don’t be repetative)

8. Local listings


9. Yelp + Patch

  • Yelp Connect - It’s Free

  • Patch Events

    • Make your headline attention grabbing

    • Include a hyperlink in first sentence

    • Be clear about timing, address, pricing

10. Supercharge with Boosting


  • Facebook Event Boosting - use it for weekly open hours, target audience based on city

  • IG Giveaways

  • IG Post Boosting - target online sales or profile views

  • Reaching out to key influencers in your audience - we’ve had luck offering free mead

Other Tips!

  1. Don’t worry about perfection, test and adapt

  2. People don’t read, you have 2s to capture their attention

  3. Think about the user and how to give them critical information as quickly as possible

  4. Set aside time every week to tackle online tasks (1-2 hours)

What is Mead? (Also known as Honey Wine)

No grapes, no grains, no flavorings or colorings. Mead is one of the oldest alcohols known to man. It’s made from 60% or more fermented honey (At Batch Mead our meads are made from ONLY fermented honey and we add fruit, spices or other local ingredients).

Mead = Water + Honey + Yeast (& time!)

Try our Award Winning Meadery!

We won the San Diego International Beer Festival Award for Best in Show in 2020! (Page 4)

About Batch Mead

Small, family owned business in Temecula, CA (support local!). Derek & Danielle Busch opened their meadery back in Nov of 2019. Derek makes all the meads and hard ciders from local honey, apples and fruit. With over 9 years of experience in mead making, Derek has perfected our meads.