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Viking Mead Series - 4 Bottle Set

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sweet & Sparkling Award Winning Meads - 11% Alc - Includes Box
  • $105

4 Bottles of our sparkling, sweet mead, 500ml, comes with custom made Viking box made from custom corrugated cardboard.

Viking Mjod: mead aged on oak for 6 months and made with meadowfoam honey. - 11% Alc by Vol

Valkryie’s Tears: sweet and sparkling mead made with cranberries and boysenberries, 11% Alc by Vol

Nectar of Valhalla: sweet & sparkling mead made with nectarines, 11% Alc by Vol

Freya's Revenge: sweet & sparkling mead made with elderberries and elderflowers, 11% Alc by Vol

Drink like a Viking, Skal! Must be 21+ to order

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