What is Moscato Wine? Learn About the 5 Primary Styles

Moscato wine, with its sweet flavors and aromatic bouquet, has captured the hearts of wine lovers, beginners, and enthusiasts alike. Its versatility and the variety of styles it comes in make it a fascinating subject for anyone interested in the rich tapestry of the wine world. Today, we're going to explore the essence of Moscato wine, its primary styles, and why it might just be the perfect addition to your wine collection.

What is Moscato Wine?

At its essence, Moscato (“moe-ska-toe”) is an Italian style of sweet wine crafted from the fragrant Muscat grapes, one of the oldest known grape varieties in the world. It's celebrated for its sweet flavor profile and wonderfully fragrant aroma, resembling a bouquet of fresh flowers. Predominantly a white or Rosé wine, it boasts a lower alcohol content than typical white wines, making it a perfect choice for those who revel in sweet, fruity flavors reminiscent of peaches and orange blossom.

What does Moscato Wine Taste Like?

Moscato is known for its enchanting flavors of peaches, orange blossom, honeysuckle, pears, mandarin oranges, and meyer lemons. It’s pleasantly light-bodied and sweet, with certain styles even offering tropical flavors and a touch of effervescence, making it refreshingly light and pleasant to drink. Typically, Moscato has an alcohol content of about 5-6% by volume, allowing its vibrant flavors to shine without overwhelming.

What does Moscato Wine Smell Like?

The aromatic profile of Moscato is truly unique, marked by linalool, an aromatic compound with sedative effects that contributes to the wine’s signature floral and sweet aromas. If wine could capture the essence of a vibrant spring garden, it would be Moscato. The aroma is floral and fruity, with hints of citrus, pear, and apple. The intense perfume of Muscat grapes is what makes Moscato wine so distinctive and beloved.

What are the styles of Moscato?

1. Sparkling & semi-sparkling Moscato (Bubbly Muscat)

Imagine the fizz of bubbles dancing on your tongue, carrying with them the aromatic symphony of orange blossoms and ripe peaches. This is the essence of Sparkling and Semi-Sparkling Moscato. In the heart of Italy, two versions reign supreme: the gently effervescent Moscato d'Asti (semi sparkling) and the vivacious Asti Spumante (sparkling). Both bear the prestigious DOCG classification, a testament to their quality and the care poured into every bottle. These sparkling varieties are a celebration in a glass, sweet yet balanced with perfect acidity, making them not just wines but memories waiting to be made.

2. Still Moscato (Muscat)

Step away from the bubbles, and you'll find the serene elegance of Still Moscato. Made from the Muscat Blanc grapes, this version whispers rather than shouts, offering a subtler approach to sweetness. Its dry sophistication belies the fruity aromas that scent every sip, tricking your senses into anticipating sweetness that is cradled softly within its structure. Here is a style for those who seek the fragrance of Moscato but with a quieter expression.

3. Pink Moscato

Pink Moscato is the playful cousin in the family, donning a blush that hints at its spirited character. This wine is usually crafted by blending Muscat grapes with a touch of Merlot, lending it that signature pink hue and an added layer of complexity. With more strawberry notes and a brighter acidity than its counterparts, Pink Moscato is a wine that doesn't take itself too seriously yet offers a tasting experience full of joy and delight.

4. Red Moscato (Black Muscat)

Among the Moscato family, Red Moscato is a rare gem. Produced from the Black Muscat grape, a cross between the Schiava Italian grape and the Muscat of Alexandria, it's a wine of depth and mystery. With its unique heritage, it stands apart, offering a narrative in each glass that’s rich with the history of its grapes. This Moscato style is a treasure to be sought out, a reminder of the diversity and intrigue wine can offer. You can try a Black Muscat here.

5. Moscato Dessert Wines

For those whose sweet tooth knows no bounds, Moscato Dessert Wines are the pinnacle of indulgence. These are not just wines; they are a decadent finale to any meal, with grapes often partially dried to concentrate their innate sweetness further. From the caramel notes of Muscat of Samos to the sun-kissed richness of Moscatel Sherry, each variant brings its own slice of its homeland into the glass. Portugal has Moscatel de Setubal while Australia has Rutherglen Muscat. These dessert wines are a world tour, a sip at a time.


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Moscato Wine Food Pairings

Moscato pairs wonderfully with a variety of foods. Its sweet nature complements spicy dishes beautifully, while also offering a refreshing counterpoint to savory flavors. Here are some perfect pairings to elevate your next meal with Moscato:





-White Fish

- Pork

-Crab, Shrimp

Spices & Herbs





-Spicy Foods









-Sweet Onion

-Bell Pepper

Moscato FAQs

Is Moscato a sweet wine?

Yes, moscato is considered a sweet wine, but it's important to remember that not all Moscatos are created equal. The sweetness level of a Moscato can vary depending on the winemaker's intentions and the specific style of wine they aim to produce. While Moscato is generally known for its lower acidity and sweet, fruity flavors, the balance of sweetness and acidity can range from semi-sweet to dessert levels.

How is Moscato different from Other Wines?

One of the most distinguishing features of Moscato is its typically lower alcohol by volume (ABV), usually ranging between 5-6%. This is considerably less than many other white wines, which can have an ABV of around 13% or higher. Additionally, Moscato is known for being a lighter-bodied wine, offering a delicate and refreshing experience that's perfect for a sunny afternoon or a gentle introduction to the wide world of wines.

Where is Moscato wine produced?

While Moscato grapes are grown worldwide, the most famous Moscato wines come from Italy's Piedmont region. Here, the grapes thrive, producing wines that beautifully express the local terroir. However, other regions such as Australia and the United States, especially California, have also gained recognition for their high-quality Moscato wines. Other notable regions include France, Australia and the United States (particularly California).

Is Moscato a wine or champagne?

This question often stems from confusion around sparkling wines and how they're produced. In its most common form, Moscato is a still wine, which means it doesn't undergo secondary fermentation to produce bubbles. Moscato d'Asti, however, is a semi-sparkling wine that gets its gentle fizz through a different process than that used for making Champagne. Champagne undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle, which Moscato d’Asti does not, giving it a unique characteristic all of its own.

Can Moscato be aged?

While Moscato is typically enjoyed young to capture its vibrant and fresh fruit flavors fully, there are exceptions. Certain types of Moscato, such as Moscato Passito, made from grapes that have been dried to concentrate their sweetness and flavors, can benefit from aging. However, for most Moscato varieties, their charm lies in their youthful exuberance.

How Many Calories Are in Moscato?

A glass of Moscato can be expected to have between 120-160 calories. Moscato typically has 122 calories per 5 oz serving.

It's a sweet little indulgence that, when enjoyed responsibly, can fit into a balanced lifestyle.

For those of you who cherish the sweetness and the sparkling delight of Moscato, there's another adventure waiting in the wings - the ancient world of mead. With its own unique sweetness and a rich history steeped in tradition, mead offers an exciting new horizon to explore, promising to enchant Moscato enthusiasts with its depth and diversity. We warmly encourage you to raise your glass to new discoveries and welcome the delightful experience of mead into your repertoire. Cheers to curiosity, to exploration, and to the endless joys of the wine world!

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