What is a Melomel? Mead Made with Fruit

Melomel is simply defined as a mead made with fruit. It can be sweet or dry. The fruit can either be fermented or added after the honey is fermented in a melomel.

Melomel vs. Mead

A melomel can be a mead with almost any attribute as long as it includes fruit. It can be sparkling or not, a sack mead or hydromel (lower ABV), but it can only contain fruit and honey for it to be a true melomel.

Mead, if you're not familiar, is alcohol made from fermenting honey (no grapes or grains!). All melomels are mead, but not all meads are melomels, make sense?

Types of Melomels

  • Cyser - mead made with apples
  • Morat - mead made with mulberries
  • Black Mead - mead make with black currants
  • Vikings Blood - mead made with cherries
  • Pyment - mead made with grapes
  • Sima - mead made with lemons and raisins
  • Bibemel - mead made with blueberries


The key difference here is cyser’s use of apples. The flavor, reminiscent of hard apple cider. You know what they say - a mead a day keeps the doctor away.


This mead is brewed with mulberries, a berry native to Midwestern U.S. and Asia. Fan of mulberries? Just learned from reading this that mulberries are a real fruit? Regardless, give Morat a try!

Black Mead

Black currants get their own mead name! Mead that's mixed with black currants.

Vikings Blood

Not to be confused with "Vikings Blod" mead, which is not in fact made with cherries. Vikings Blood is a cherry mead.


A luscious blend of grapes with the standard mead ingredients. This can also be a blend of wine and mead.


Sima is a Finnish style fermented low level alcoholic mead made with lemons and raisins. Fun fact: did you know raisins can help add nutriets to your mead fermentation?


A perfectly balanced mead made with blueberries.

What Does Melomel Taste Like?

Melomels are typically a delicate balance of fruit and honey. They can range from sweet to dry and are typically compared to a sweet wine. However all mead styles vary and the taste of the mead is up to the mead maker.

Unlike traditional mead, which is made primarily from honey, water, and yeast, melomel includes the addition of fruits, ranging from berries to citrus and beyond, introducing a wide array of possible flavors.

The taste of melomel can vary significantly depending on the type of fruit used, as well as the balance between the sweetness of the honey and the natural tartness or sweetness of the fruit. This complexity makes melomel an intriguing drink for those who appreciate nuanced flavors.

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