The Next Big Trend in Alcohol (No, It's Not Seltzers)

Move over White Claw, there’s a new king of the drinkscape. Its name is mead. 

For the uninitiated, mead’s a type of alcohol made from combining water, honey, and yeast. Those are the basics, anyway. Mix them properly and you’ll find yourself enjoying mead in no time.

Mead might seem like the new kid on the block, but it’s actually the oldest alcoholic beverage out there. That’s right – your favorite beer or wine? Mead’s probably older.

And now, this famed “nectar of the gods” is mid-resurgence.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just because of television (see: Game of Thrones, Vikings, etc.). Mead’s trending because it’s a trendy drink. It’s versatility is second-to-none, with new flavors being discovered by mead makers every day.

Because of its simple main ingredients, all doors and windows are open to experiment. Fruits, spices, herbs, and even different styles of honey…all fair game when making mead.

Mead’s the cool drink to try right now. Its platform continues to grow. (Remember Zack Martin from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody? The actor, Dylan Sprouse, is a Master Mead Brewer.)

Mead tastes good, there’s a flavor for everyone, and it’s a socially-conscious product. Mead makers pride themselves on sourcing organic ingredients and supporting the local community.

At this point, mead making isn’t just about bringing the drink back into the public eye. It’s a movement, appreciating delicate, age-old flavors that, when expertly combined, produce a flavorful and nuanced beverage.

It’s a process that respects ingredients, appreciates local businesses and, above all, produces something that represents a communal effort and is meant to be enjoyed by an entire community.

At Batch Mead, we’re dedicated to the experience. We believe in experimentation, which is why we offer small craft batches that cover a range of styles and tastes. Whether you crave something sweet, something dry, something fruity, or something infused with spices, we have you covered.

Check out our selection today and join the mead movement!